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Open Food Network is locally-led, in an increasing number of places all around the world. To buy or sell food on the Open Food Network it must be active in your area.

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As the founding instance, Open Food Network Australia launched the first Open Food Network platform beta version in 2012. They also provide a range of sector development activities.

Open Food Network UK launched in 2014. Alongside other early instances the UK has played a key role in supporting global uptake of OFN.

Open Food France deployed in 2015. It is now becoming a cooperative to run the platform, provide trainings and consulting, and better support and enable local food enterprises in France.

Katuma, born in 2012 in Barcelona, joined OFN in 2017 ditching their prototype in favor of a much larger community. Katuma is a Catalan coop with presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

Open Food Network Canada launched in 2017. They are most active in Ontario and are building a larger team to deploy more broadly across Canada.

OFN USA, launched in 2018, is organized as a cooperative. Their growing network of member producers and hubs stretches from coast to coast.

Open Food Network Belgium was deployed in November 2018. The community is managed by Oxfam-Magasins du monde. 

Open Food Network Germany launched in 2019. It is auspiced by a private funder to support food access throughout Village Centres, while a new organisation is developed.

Open Food Network Southern Africa launched in 2019.

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